Production Process

- Request product  /  Meeting for product making

Through sufficient meetings with a customer, we continuously try to satisfy the need of the
customer and produce products.

- Confirm a product request / contract 

Check the contents of a contract, guide how to make a deposit for a down payment
Through meetings, we check what was requested and required processes before drawing up
a contract and make a deposit.

- Product manufacturing /
Based on planning meetings, a sample is produced
before producing a product.

Based on the details of a contract with a customer, we make samples and then produce the product requested.
However, we only make samples for orders that are not Urimenu's products; if a customer orders a product that
is already in the Urimenu's stock, we do not make samples.

- Product inspection /  Inspect products by a person in charge.
If the product is made, a person in charge inspects faulty products and thoroughly reviews if the product
is well made according to the contract.

- Product delivery / Deliver products to the customer
Products finished with an inspection will be securely packaged and delivered to the customer.